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Tourism Growth & Decline in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel & Tourism – Comparing the first half of this year with the same period last year, visitors from Central America to Costa Rica fell by 10%. This was compensated with an 8.9% rise of Europeans and 4.7% rise of Americans.

The decrease in Central Americans likely has to do with the internal conflict in Nicaragua, a main transit point for those coming from the north by land. Additionally, citizens in that country are losing income and less likely to travel.

The tourism minister hopes that this regional internal situation is transitory. Arrivals by air, which are not affected by conflict in Nicaragua, are up by 6%. This implies that Costa Rica evaded the impact of publications about the strike and about deaths of tourists. So far, international tourists have not cancelled reservations.

Locals are cancelling plans though. Many chose to spend school vacations at home rather than travel due to the roadblocks from the strike. Many restaurants saw a 40-50% activity fall.

All-Inclusive Resort in Costa Rica; Planet Hollywood Opens

Costa Rica Travel – The first-ever Planet Hollywood resort in the wider Caribbean region has officially opened its doors on the coast of Costa Rica.

The all-inclusive Planet Hollywood Beach Resort is set on the popular Papagayo Peninsula in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Region.

The opening comes as two other Planet Hollywood-branded all-inclusive properties are currently in development in the region in St Maarten and Cancun.

“It’s been an amazing journey leading my all-star cast of employees to prepare for the grand opening of Planet Hollywood Beach Resort in Costa Rica.” said General Manager Jonathan Iriarte, adding “With the perfect line-up of features, we can confidently say that our guests will receive the full Vacation Like A Star experience.”

The property has a total of 294 suites, along with seven eateries and six bars, along with a fitness center, a spa and two swimming pools.

True to its brand, the property will have a major focus on entertainment, from a program where guests can choose their own “soundtracks” for their stays to a “Main Event Guarantee,” which the company says lets guests watch all major sporting events in real time.

And, of course, there’s a significant amount of Hollywood memorabilia, a hallmark of the brand’s restaurants around the world.

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Haunted Charleston, South Carolina

One of the places that Deanna and I investigated is the Old City Jail. This jail sits on 4 acres and is part of the history of Charleston earliest settlements. The jail was operational from 1802 until 1939.  Address:  Old Charleston Jail; 21 Magazine Street; Charleston, SC 29401

This jail housed some of Charleston’s most infamous criminals, such as Lavinia Fisher. Lavinia and her husband John were publicly executed because of their guilt of being highway robbers. Other members of the Fisher gang stayed at this jail. The gang was accused of robberies, murders in the Charleston Neck Region. This jail also housed Federal prisoners from the Civil War. Confederate soldiers were kept in jail. The jail made room on the square to be alongside a hospital, poor house, work house for runaway slaves. Other inmates of this jail were 19th century high sea pirates, who were jailed here in 1822 and waited for their execution by hanging. Denmark Vesey planned a slave revolt and became a jail inmate. Vesey spent his last days in the tower, before being hanged. Jacque Alexander Tardy was held here from 1825-27 for attempt to steal a pilot boat, also responsible for innocent John Gibson being tried and hanged for his 1817 piracy. The jail has also been popular with TV shows such as Syfy Channel’s former Ghost Hunters; Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and Destination America’s Ghost Brothers.

Deanna being psychic was able to envision some of the inmates from this jail being beaten by other inmates, or being beaten by guards.  Deanna could hear the screams from past tortured inmates.  EVP that we captured was…”kill the screw!”  GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: OLD CITY JAIL GHOSTS.  After the jail we were headed for 3rd Eye Lounge – 1418 Remount Road, Suite A, North Charleston – this is a metaphysical store.  Unfortunately, we did not make it to 3rd Eye.  Things got busy.  There is so much to see in Charleston.  A place that you should visit is the Charleston Tea Plantation, hundreds of thousands of tea plants grow there, under the grand oaks.


Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most haunted cities.  Some of the haunted areas are:

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.  This plantation belonged to the Drayton family since 1676.  The plantation is now owned by 12th and 13th generations of Draytons.  This plantation has one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.  Reports say that deceased previous Draytons haunt the Magnolia Plantation and they are friendly spirits.  GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: DRAYTON SPIRITS.

Provost Dungeon is a pre-Revoluntionary dungeon that incarcerated criminals, patriots and pirates.  Some witnesses have made claim that they saw ghostly pirates talking amongst themselves.  GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: PROVOST DUNGEON PIRATES.

The Powder Magazine is Charleston’s oldest building.  Many ghosts haunt this building.  This building is located at 79 Cumberland Street in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Completed in 1713, it is the oldest surviving public building in the former Province of Carolina. It was used as a gunpowder store through the American Revolutionary War, and later saw other uses.  There have been many witnesses that have seen American Revolutionary soldiers near and around this building, holding their weapons.   GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE POWDER MAGAZINE SOLDIERS

Fort Sumter is where the Civil War began.  Quick History Lesson:  From Wikipedia: “The First Battle of Fort Sumter began on April 12, 1861, when Confederate artillery fired on the Union garrison. These were the first shots of the war and continued all day, watched by many civilians in a celebratory spirit. The fort had been cut off from its supply line and surrendered the next day. The Second Battle of Fort Sumter (September 8, 1863) was a failed attempt by the Union to retake the fort, dogged by a rivalry between army and navy commanders. Although the fort was reduced to rubble, it remained in Confederate hands until it was evacuated as General Sherman marched through South Carolina in February 1865.”  Witnesses have seen Confederate and Union soldiers near and around Fort Sumter.  The soldiers seem unaware of the witnesses and at times are shooting guns at each other.  This sounds like a residual haunting at Fort Sumter.  GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: FORT SUMTER GHOSTLY SOLDIERS.

Let’s take a break from the ghost stories.  A great place to visit and to shop for your Halloween costume is:  Hokus Pokus;
1015 St. Andrews Blvd; Charleston, SC 29407.  Deanna found all kinds of cool things to purchase and has a great costume for the upcoming Vampire Ball.  The employees are friendly, courteous and very helpful.  This is not like your franchise Spirit of Halloween that sells the same costumes year after year.  With Hokus Pokus you get THOUSANDS of original costumes never before seen anywhere!  If you are in Charleston, I highly suggested shopping at Hokus Pokus for your next costume!

Boone Hall Plantation.  This plantation has been around since 1681.  It covers about 470 acres.  The owner was Theophilus Patey, and his daughter Elizabeth, along with her husband Major John Boone.  This land was given to them as a wedding gift and became known as Boone Hall Plantation. John Boone was one of the first settlers of the South Carolina colony and he arrived in 1672.  Many witnesses report ghostly apparitions of African slaves in the field.  Derek Crossing from Charlotte, North Carolina says when visiting the plantation, he saw a ghostly African slave in the field.  The apparition appeared to be a woman in her 30s. He approached the figure and then the figure just disappeared.  GHOSTS IDENTIFIED:  SLAVE SPIRITS OF BOONE HALL PLANTATION.

USS YORKTOWN:  If you don’t mind driving a mere 9 miles from Charleston to Mt. Pleasant, you can visit the very haunted USS Yorktown.  The USS Yorktown is one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy. The ship is filled with residual energy of sailors of World War II.    GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: USS YORKTOWN PHANTOM SAILORS.

ST. ANDREW – 2604 EPISCOPAL CEMETERY off Ashley River Road.  Deanna and I investigated this very old cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in Charleston.  Deanna conducted a metaphysical ritual at this cemetery burying crystal and some lava beads.  During the course of her ritual, she blessed her dog tarot cards at this location.  Since she blessed the dog tarot cards, she has been having visions of dogs while in Charleston and now here in Elk Grove.  Deanna saw a ghostly apparition at this cemetery and when she did, I felt spider webs or cobwebs all over my face.  I immediately started wiping my face to get the webs off my face and then realized I had no spider webs on my face.  I was being attacked by some unseen force.  An EVP that we captured there, was a woman’s voice saying “depart” 3 times.  After we left, we stopped by a nearby former plantation that is now a church.

How Much Does It Cost To Travel Into Space?

World News – Spaceflight has traditionally been a government-led activity — and it’s never been cheap. But the stratospheric cost of putting people and payloads into space is finally starting to fall, thanks in part to the rise of SpaceX and other private spaceflight companies.

Here’s a look at what it costs to go to space, whether it’s another satellite that needs to be placed in orbit or an adventurous billionaire looking for a joyride around the moon.

Using its 230-foot-tall Falcon 9, SpaceX charges $62 million to send into orbit commercial satellites weighing up to 50,000 pounds. The closest American competitor is the United Launch Alliance Atlas V, which starts at $73 million for a 41,000-pound payload.

Those are just starting prices; government agencies typically pay more for a long list of extra services. The Air Force, for example, is paying SpaceX $96.5 million to launch a GPS satellite in 2019.

Since NASA mothballed its space shuttles in 2011, NASA has relied on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft to get astronauts to the ISS. Russia has been steadily raising the price of Soyuz seats, reaching $82 million each in 2015. The agency last purchased Soyuz seats for $75 million apiece in 2017.

NASA hopes to end its reliance on Russia in 2019, when SpaceX’s Crew Dragon and Boeing’s Starliner capsules begin “taxi” flights to the ISS. Seats on those spacecraft are expected to cost about $58 million.

Depending on where you’re going, a ticket could set you back anywhere from $250,000 to tens of millions of dollars.

If you’re looking simply to cross the 62-mile-high Karman line that marks the boundary between the upper atmosphere and outer space, Virgin Galactic says it will take you there for $250,000. The company says about 650 people already have tickets for the suborbital flights, to be made aboard a winged vehicle called SpaceShipTwo. A date for customer flights has yet to be announced.

Jeff Bezos’ rocket company, Blue Origin, plans something similar — sending space tourists on brief suborbital flights using its New Shepard rocket system. The company has yet to set ticket prices or say when paid flights might begin.

Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin passengers will join the fewer than a dozen private citizens who have funded their own trips into space. From 2001 to 2009, the Vienna, Virginia-based firm Space Adventures worked with Russia’s space agency to send eight people to the ISS on flights lasting 10 or more days.

The world’s first private astronaut, a wealthy American engineer named Dennis Tito, reportedly paid $20 million to spend eight days in space in 2001. More recently, Guy Lalibert√©, the co-founder of Cirque du Soleil, shelled out $35 million for an ISS trip in 2009. Space Adventures still advertises Soyuz flights and plans to start booking trips to the ISS aboard Boeing’s Starliner.

In September 2018, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa would ride the company’s yet-to-be-built Big Falcon Rocket on a trip around the moon. Neither Musk nor Maezawa, who said he would take along seven artists, would discuss the mission’s cost.

Small satellites may qualify for a free ride to space through NASA’s Educational Launch of Nanosatellites program, which helps universities and research groups fly standardized satellites called CubeSats aboard rockets as secondary payloads.

If your satellite can’t hitch a free ride, you can book a NASA sounding rocket to the edge of space for as little as $1 million. For orbital flights of payloads weighing less than 500 pounds, Los Angeles-based Rocket Lab offers launches of its Electron rocket from New Zealand for about $5 million.

From there, the price goes up steeply. Northrop Grumman’s Pegasus rocket, which is air-launched from the belly of a jumbo jet, can place 1,000 pounds in orbit for about $40 million. Stratolaunch, a new venture bankrolled by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, plans to launch Pegasus rockets from its own colossal airplane before offering an expanded line of rockets capable of carrying up to 13,000 pounds. The company has yet to disclose prices.

NASA is developing its Space Launch System, which will carry astronauts to the moon and Mars. The rocket’s per-launch cost has not been disclosed, but the agency now spends at least $2 billion per year on the project. The maiden flight isn’t expected until 2020.

by Jason Davis, NBC News

One of the Ideal Hotels in Costa Rica

As you plan your Costa Rican vacation, the first detail you need to address is your accommodations. There are many hotels in Costa Rica, which can make the decision a bit overwhelming. If you are not familiar with Costa Rica, you could end up selecting a hotel that is not in an ideal location. It is essential that you research your hotel accommodations before reserving your room.

The Ylang Ylang Beach Resort is an ideal choice for anyone wishing to enjoy Costa Rica as it was meant to be experienced – immersed in the natural surroundings. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Staying within the hustle and bustle of a city will not give you the “true” experience of this extraordinary country.

The Ylang Ylang is located in a secluded area of Costa Rica, nestled within the lavish, native greenery. Here, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica. What makes the Ylang Ylang an ideal destination is that it is also located close enough to Montezuma that you can enjoy city life without sacrificing the splendor of the undisturbed Costa Rican environment.

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Things to Look for in a Beach Resort in Costa Rica

When you visit Costa Rica, you have two choices: stay in a hotel within a city or find a resort on the beach. This decision is entirely up to you. If you want a busier, activity-filled vacation, you may want to stay in a city. If you want a more relaxed, calming vacation, a beach resort may be the best choice. If you are looking for a beach resort in Costa Rica, there are few factors to keep in mind:

  •  Location – choose a beach resort that has the atmosphere you crave – seclusion and relaxation – but also is within a reasonable distance of a city. That way, if you decide you need a little more action, you can find it without traveling for hours.
  • Accommodations – choose a resort that offers several forms of accommodations. Here at the Ylang Ylang, we offer rooms and private bungalows. You can easily find accommodations to fit your needs and your budget.
  • Extras – choose a resort that offers plenty of extras. For instance, the Ylang Ylang offers yoga and spa treatments. Both of these activities provide unique ways for our guests to relax and unwind.

Rejuvenating Facial at Spa Ylang Ylang

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Amazing honeymoon to Costa Rica 2019

When planning your honeymoon, you want a location that will help you create a lasting memory. By choosing to take a tropical vacation for your honeymoon, you can rest assured that neither you nor your spouse will soon forget the experience. As you plan your tropical honeymoon in paradise, keep two things in mind:

  • Choose a destination that offers honeymoon packages. Packages help create the right mood, from the moment you arrive. While you can opt for standard service during your stay, you can make each moment more magical by choosing a romantic package. Here at Ylang Ylang, we offer several honeymoon packages to help keep the romance burning during your stay.
  • Choose a private location. Being on your honeymoon requires privacy and seclusion. This is your first time together as a married couple. Choose a location that will give you the privacy you Ylang Ylang Beach resort, our secluded location is perfect for romance — morning, noon and night.

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