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What Are They Dying For?

Hindsight, the cliché goes, is 20/20. In truth, hindsight is only as clear as one’s perception of the present.

For example, there is the conventional notion that the Holocaust was preventable until the “evacuation” of European Jewry to a “final solution” was decided in early 1942.

This stems from the illusion, if not delusion, that prior to 1942, even with Hitler in power for eight years and the war raging for nearly three, the “final solution” was still “on the cusp of avoidable disaster.”

In truth, the Holocaust was inevitable from the moment the appeaser Chamberlain waved his scrap of paper after meeting with Hitler while ludicrously exclaiming “peace in our times.”

The parallel is painful. The world is now attempting to appease Trump’s America.

The notion that nothing is inevitable until it happens is comforting, but it guarantees blindness and blindsiding. Willful blindness is complicity with evil.

The morning after his illusions (or his con) with respect to the American people were shattered by the election of the demagogue Donald Trump, President Obama said, “This is not the apocalypse. I don’t believe in apocalyptic—until the apocalypse comes. I think nothing is the end of the world until the end of the world.”

What kind of shortsighted, circular thinking was that by this most logical of presidents? Caught in it, unable or unwilling to see and address the truth of a people riven by division, darkness and deadness, Obama helped pave the way for the demagoguery of Donald Trump.

Besides, the meaning of apocalypse is not the end of humanity, but the violent end of a given world. Though the two are conflated, the end of a given world or age is not the end of humanity.

Indeed, there have been many worlds in human history. The ending of one world can be and often has been the beginning of another.

A continuity has been broken. The end, apocalyptic or not, of this so-called order and age is a fait accompli.

The Obama years were an interregnum between Bush-Cheney and Trump-Pence, and a negligent slide into the tar pit America now finds itself. What will replace American leadership, such as it was?

It’s hard to believe Barack failed to perceive what had happened to the American people, since he ran and won in 2004 on slogans of hope and change. On the other hand, it’s also hard to believe that he was so cynical as to do so with full awareness that the American people had lost their core intactness as a people.

How the Obama years contributed to the irrefutable and irrevocable decline of America must be left to the historians. The only sure thing is that the prevailing, consoling narrative that the election of Donald Trump was a white nationalist reaction to the election of a biracial president is a dangerous half-truth.

The real and present danger that America now poses to the human prospect does not solely stem from the fact or fluke that an illogical, narcissistic president is channeling immense darkness. It stems from the conditions in the American people and culture that gave rise to Trump.

I hope I’m wrong, but the same underlying factors that allowed such a man to assume the most powerful office in the world will prevent Trump being stopped within America.

The American media was consumed last week with the “fallen heroes” trope after four US soldiers were killed on some mysterious mission in Niger.

Looked at from the perception of a human being rather than the perspective as an American or any other thing, what did they die for? How many Americans even knew we had hundreds of troops in Niger? How many Americans even know where Niger is?

In fact, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer were unaware of the large US presence in the country. “I didn’t know there was 1,000 troops in Niger,” Graham said on NBC’s Meet the Press today, adding, “this is an endless war without boundaries and no limitation on time and geography.”

Vietnam veterans, the vast majority of whom were drafted, were often blamed by the anti-war movement when they returned.

Now however, the mythology of the Vietnam vet being spat on has morphed into a slobbering, “fallen heroes” idiocy, effectively squelching any questioning and dissent regarding the disastrous policies emanating from Washington.

“Hard-nosed realists” on the right and the left say (and there’s no difference between them in the end) define truth is either “a statement is one that conforms to facts or reality,” or “speaking in a direct, unvarnished way without regard to political correctness.”

The truth is neither. Look behind the “autocratic, nativist, xenophobic, nationalist reaction that is now in full swing on both sides of the Atlantic.” The truth can only be uncovered through questioning and insight.

America and the West are cannibalizing itself. Russia and China, don’t be happy about that, since if we cannot find bottom, there won’t be bottom for humanity in this age.

Martin LeFevre

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African Rhino Injures Poacher in Rare Reversal of Fortunes

World News – A rhino turned the tables on a suspected poacher in Namibia, charging and injuring the man while he was allegedly tracking it.

The incident happened in Etosha National Park after suspect Luteni Muharukua and other alleged poachers illegally entered the wildlife area in hopes of killing rhinos for their horns, The Namibian newspaper reported last week.

The newspaper said the rhino “appeared from nowhere” and quoted Simson Shilongo, a police officer, as saying the rhino inflicted a severe leg injury on Muharukua after he fell while fleeing.

The suspect’s friends found refuge for him on a nearby mountain and police arrested him there on Oct. 15, a day after he was injured, according to Shilongo. Muharukua was being treated at a hospital under police guard.

The Namibian posted an online cartoon showing a snarling rhino butting a man with a rifle who is already airborne from the blow. “The poacher, poached!” reads the caption.

Rhino poaching has increased in recent years in Namibia, which has one of Africa’s biggest populations of the critically endangered black rhino. Neighboring South Africa is home to most of the continent’s rhinos, including the more numerous white rhino species.

Rhinos have been heavily poached to meet demand for their horns in parts of Asia. Some consumers believe rhino horn can cure illnesses if ingested in powder form, although there is no evidence that the horn, made of the same substance as human fingernails, has any medicinal value. Rhino horn is also seen by some buyers as a symbol of status and wealth.



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Flight To Costa Rica Turned Around After Dog Escapes

Costa Rica News – Friday morning, on the tarmac at New York’s La Guardia airport on a flight to Costa Rica, Gwen Wunderlich, 41, got a frantic call from her dog walker, saying that Cash, her adopted 6-year-old Chow Chow mix, had somehow wriggled out of his collar and leash in Brooklyn and ran for Manhattan.

The woman forced the JetBlue plane taking her on vacation to turn around and went on a six-hour adventure around New York City.

‘I told the stewardess. I got up, and she was like, “Are you sure? We can only turn around for emergencies,”‘ Wunderlich told WCBS 2.

‘I’m like, “this is an emergency for me.”‘

A little after 7am, Cash was spotted crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on the human pathway. Later, around 11am, the pooch would be seen at 51st Street and 1st Avenue under a bench, but ran away when a park worker approached. Wunderlich had a sigh of relief when she was called close to 1.30pm by Animal Care and Control informing her that Cash had gone into a deli on 18th Street and 8th Avenue.

“Everyone was trying to get him,” Wunderlich, 41, told the New York Daily News. “People were stopping their cars. There was even a construction worker who took off his belt and tried to get Cash with it.”

The New York Daily News reported that the pooch may have been ‘looking for love when he wandered off’ as he had not been neutered.

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sép7imo Día No Descansaré Coming to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Sép7imo Día No descansaré, or Seventh Day- I Will Not Rest, based on the work of Soda Stereo, is arriving in Costa Rica this February.

Cirque du Soleil will present this, its third show in the country.

The show is confirmed by the company Primo Entertainment. It will use projections, neon lights and acrobats from various disciplines, such as dancers and trapeze artists.

The work is musicalized by the mythical Argentine group of rock.

The show will take place in Hacienda Espinal, Alajuela, where Varekai (2013) and Corteo (2015) took place. As of now, 14 show dates have been confirmed. The tickets are not yet on sale.

Tickets are going to be cheaper than before. The last performance started prices at ¢38,000. Each function can entertain 5,000 people.

The tour will also visit Panama, Guatemala, Los Angeles and Paraguay.

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Costa Rica National Theater A Patriotic Symbol

Costa Rica News – The National Theater wants to become an official patriotic symbol. Although already clearly a national symbol, being officially recognized as one would make a difference.

A bill was presented, this Thursday, to the Legislative Assembly to invest in the property under this category. The management of the theater hopes it will be included on the Ministry of Public Education curricula as well.

The declaration document of the National Theater as a National Symbol of Historical-Architectural Heritage and Cultural Freedom was presented by the house art promoter Fred Herrera.

The popular initiative is backed by 15 legislators from various groups. The signing of this document to be presented was carried out in an event held in the legislative building known as El Castillo Azul. Carmen Quesada, the first secretary of the Legislative Directory, said that though signed by 15 deputies, the majority will likely be on board to fast track the initiative.

The theater also hopes for $31.6 million in financing to make the place safer for visitors.

The works would include new electrical installation, a fire system, and substantial improvements in theatrical technology on stage.


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Costa Rica Effective Dollar Rate Goes Up

Costa Rica News – The effective rate in dollars went up to 2.13% from 2.01% last week, while the passive basic rate in colones dropped to 5.75% after remaining at 5.80% for two consecutive weeks.

The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) – Central Bank of Costa Rica – published on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 18, news that after two weeks, the Passive Base Rate in colones dropped slightly.

The passive base rate is an average of deposit rates in colones given by financial institutions for maturities of 150-210 days.

The Central Bank also reported a rise in the Effective Dollar Rate (TED) to 2.13% from 2.01%.

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The Mystic Power of Seashells in Ancient & Modern History

Seashells are very beautiful pieces of the ocean. Seashells have been used in many different cultures as money, art, jewelry and much more. Beautiful collections of seashells have been found in remote places throughout the world. Whether you are by the ocean or not you may find beautiful discoveries in the landscape around you. Here are some gorgeous examples of some mystical uses for seashells.
Abalone Shells
Abalone is a gorgeous shell that is large in shape. It has an iridescent interior when hollowed out. Many people enjoy abalone as a food. The creature that lives in this shell has tentacles and lives in the ocean. This shell has been used for a very long time with sage. Sage is an herb that is used to clear negative energies from a home. Remember that also adding Sweet grass to your sage mix with also help to attract positive energies. Spiritualists put the sage into the shell as a sort of bowl. This is because Abalone has the power to capture the burned sage and keep it pure. It has been used since ancient times by such people as the Native Americans. Abalone is also the source for mother-of-pearl.

Amazon Warriors
According to the Greeks, the Amazons were the first people to construct weapons. Seashells can be constructed into arrowheads and other types of weapons. Many seashell altars were found in Amazon burials of the women. The Amazon women were very powerful and gifted in weapon design.

Angel Wings
This shell is very special because some of these shells will glow in the dark when exposed to ultra violet lights. They are long, thin shells that are very delicate. It has a narrow design much similar to a pair of angel wings. Angel wing shells are a rare find. Because of their fragile nature, these shells would be great for a modern ceremonial purpose perhaps in building a sea altar.

Celtic Design
The Celtic use many spiral designs in their artwork. The spirals could have been inspired by seashell shapes. Spiral seashells are very common and very mystical. The design represents the many aspects of water, life, magic and more. What is so interesting is that the traditional meanings of these spiral shaped designs have been lost. One could speculate that nature was the muse and most importantly, the seashell seems to have this patterning. The Celtics used seashells as art and jewelry. Druids have many beautifully shaped symbols, many that resemble the intricate seashell. Could we ponder the possibilities of these similarities?

Conch Shells
A conch shell is the shell that you can put to your ear and hear the ocean within. The conch shell comes from large sea snails. All parts of meat inside of a conch shell are edible. Conch shells can also be used as mystical musical instruments. After drilling a precise hole in the conch shell it is able to make a native sound. Conch shells have been used by such cultures such as the Mayans as musical instruments. The best scribes of the Mayans used conch shells to carry their inks. Conch’s can also sometimes produce beautiful pearls. The larger the shell is, the more likely the chance to find a rare pearl.

Egyptian Pyramids
Scientists have discovered inside of the limestone the pyramids were built with, that there are many different types of seashells. The seashells have become fossilized and have been around since the ancient flood times. If we could break apart the pyramids we would most likely find rare, unique and extinct species in the stone. The ancient Egyptians loved to use seashells in their art. They may have even used seashells as money. The seashell is most certainly a powerful key in unlocking the secrets of the pyramids.

Knights Templar
The Knights Templar is closely associated with the Rosslyn Chapel in Rosslyn, Scotland. This chapel was designed by William St Clair in 1456. Many speculate the connection to the Holy Grail and the Knights Templar. Either way, the inside architecture is formulated with several spiral designs overloaded with energies of life and structure. Many of these carvings resemble the intricate patterning of seashells.

Collections of seashells have been unearthed in Pompeii. Pliny the Elder was said to have a collection discovered in Pompeii. He was a roman author and philosopher. The city of Pompeii used seashells in much of their artwork, including a temple dedicated to the goddess Venus. Venus is depicted in a seashell naked lying in the ocean. Her association with the ocean is that it was her birthplace. Thereby is her association with the seashell.

Seashells are an ancient piece of world history. Wherever there was watery life there is a seashell. Remember that these were living creatures before they were shells and that sometimes when you pick one up it may still be alive, so be careful what you touch. The seashell is a powerful mystic tool from ancient and modern history just waiting for you to harness its energy.

By: Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Paranormal Researcher
Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International!/groups/HPIinternational/

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